Why own a Catri 24?

The Catri 24 is the ideal combination of high adventure, high speed sailing with the ability to have fun and safely cruise shallow-water estuaries like the Chesapeake Bay. It is a hydrofoil-stabilized cruising and racing trimaran. It can reach 1.4 times the wind speed on a reach. I personally have sailed it at 23 knots!  It's the result of world-leading multihull designer Aldis Eglajs, the designer who showed his abilities by beating the 6-time USSR sailing champion with his own design in the early 60's. Aldis has been designing and building multihulls in Latvia ever since, including ocean-going craft that have circumnavigated the globe.

The speed comes from its innovative design features!

  • Foiling surfaces to reduce the drag by minimizing the wetted surface area

  • Wave-piercing hulls allows speed through choppy waters

The safety comes from its design and its build.

  • Three foiling surfaces in the water minimizes pitching, keeping a stable platform

  • Wave-piercing hulls prevent diving

  • Single-chined main hull shape increases the water displacement as the boat enters waves

  • Unsinkable build - E-glass polyester resin sandwiches foam inner core

The comfort comes from the best use of space.

  • 71 inch headroom in the main cabin

  • Berths for up to five persons, although cruising would be comfortable with three in use

  • No centerboard means nothing impinges on the main hull's interior space