Tardis Sold to Happy Canadian

Well, I just said the big news! After 12 years of great sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, Tardis has departed to sail Canadian waters. She’s been an unbelievable source of fun, excitement, relaxation, and romance for me, and for others like my friend Ivars, who raced with me many, many times. Thanks for the great times, Ivars!!

I’d like to also thank Stephen Walker for his support over the years. He’s a dealer of trimarans in Great Britain, and a good resource should you be in those waters. Visit his web site at Ahoy-Boats.com

Of course, I should mention the genius of Aldis Eglajs, the designer of Catri trimarans and other fast sailng vessels. And we all owe a debt to the late Ian Farrier, who invented the folding system used on Farrier, Corsair, and Catri trimarans and popularized small, affordable, safe, and fast folding trimarans

Fair winds and following seas to you, Tardis, and to your new owner.

With some sadness,


Tardis' History

Tardis was manufactured in Ventspils, Latvia by V-Auto LV Ltd, as the fifth of the Catri 24's to be produced.  The boat was originally purchased by Stephen Walker, a trimaran dealer in the UK. He sailed the boat to England and wrote of the trip in his blog. It's a great read and shows how you can sail a small tri throughout Europe. 


(Note: the blog is in reverse-order, so on each page start at the bottom and go upwards on each month).

I found Stephen's web page and followed it with interest, as I was looking for a small, affordable trimaran to sail on the Chesapeake Bay.  When he announced it was for sale, I worked a side trip into some business travel and arranged a test sail with Stephen in Pwllheli, Wales. It was a windy, rainy day with some horse tails and we had a good sail.

I purchased the boat from Stephen in 2007 and had it shipped to Baltimore in a roll-on, roll-off ferry for automobiles. This was possible since it can be trailered. After picking it up from the freight yard, I moved it to the West River, MD near the Chesapeake Bay where I've docked it since.

Tardis arrives Baltimore 30.JPG

The easy access to the bay has allowed me to participate in many races, usually starting in Annapolis, and to have very nice cruises out to St. Michaels and other great destinations nearby.

When the water leaves town

Winter Storm Grayson, also known as the “bomb cyclone“, that moved up the East Coast yesterday brought damaging winds and snow to parts of Maryland. In the Upper Bay, those winds and the recent full moon (causes higher than normal high tides and lower than normal low tides) pushed much of the water out of the rivers causing Tardis' dockage to have almost no water.  Other areas, like the Potapsco River into Baltimore, are experiencing the lowest levels since 1989.

For Tardis, it means that the Jetdock is sitting on the bottom. But the good news, unlike the keelboat in the next slip, is that everything is upright and stable.



180106 Tardis Storm Grayson low tides 03.jpg

Why own a Catri 24?

The Catri 24 is the ideal combination of high adventure, high speed sailing with the ability to have fun and safely cruise shallow-water estuaries like the Chesapeake Bay. It is a hydrofoil-stabilized cruising and racing trimaran. It can reach 1.4 times the wind speed on a reach. I personally have sailed it at 23 knots!  It's the result of world-leading multihull designer Aldis Eglajs, the designer who showed his abilities by beating the 6-time USSR sailing champion with his own design in the early 60's. Aldis has been designing and building multihulls in Latvia ever since, including ocean-going craft that have circumnavigated the globe.

The speed comes from its innovative design features!

  • Foiling surfaces to reduce the drag by minimizing the wetted surface area

  • Wave-piercing hulls allows speed through choppy waters

The safety comes from its design and its build.

  • Three foiling surfaces in the water minimizes pitching, keeping a stable platform

  • Wave-piercing hulls prevent diving

  • Single-chined main hull shape increases the water displacement as the boat enters waves

  • Unsinkable build - E-glass polyester resin sandwiches foam inner core

The comfort comes from the best use of space.

  • 71 inch headroom in the main cabin

  • Berths for up to five persons, although cruising would be comfortable with three in use

  • No centerboard means nothing impinges on the main hull's interior space